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Roppongi Crossing 2022: Coming & Going

Download Service Period : 9/5/2022~3/26/2023

  • 2019
    Oil on canvas
    350 x 240 cm
    Courtesy: Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2017
    Construction light equipment, metal pipe, chain, traffic cone, helmet, construction wear, video and others
    Dimensions variable
    Photo: Goto Shuji
    Photo courtesy: Reborn-Art Festival 2017, Miyagi
    * Referential image

  • 2022
    Oil on linen
    181.8 x 227.3 cm
    Courtesy: Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya/Tokyo

  • 2018-
    Dimensions variable
    Courtesy: Contemporary Art Foundation, Tokyo
    Installation view: How to Carve a Sculpture, Contemporary Art Foundation Secretariat, Tokyo, 2021
    Photo: Kioku Keizo

  • 2022
    Food sample, tableware, conveyor, electronic part, humanoid robot, 3D-printed material, acrylic, wood, and others
    Dimensions variable

  • 2011
    Inkjet print
    28.3 x 35.7 cm

  • 2019/2022
    27 min.

  • 2022
    Digital data
    Dimensions variable

  • 2018
    Used ramie and cotton clothes from Kanazawa, linen yarn, sinker, fishhook, cyanotype print
    Dimensions variable
    Installation view: Culture City of East Asia 2018: Kanazawa Altering Home, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
    Photo: Kioku Keizo
    * Referential image

MAM Collection 016: Meditating on Nature - Hisakado Tsuyoshi, Po Po, and Umetsu Yoichi

Download Service Period : 11/30/2022~3/26/2023

  • 2018
    Lightbulb, sound, alminium, wood, programming, electric cable
    Dimensions variable
    Installation view: MAM Project 025: Apichatpong Weerasethakul + Hisakado Tsuyoshi, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2018
    Photo: Koroda Takeru
    Photo courtesy: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

  • 1985
    Oil on canvas
    75 x 75 cm

  • 2021
    Watercolor, sumi ink, acrylic, oil on paper
    113 x 183 cm

MAM Screen 017: Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson

Download Service Period : 11/30/2022~3/26/2023

  • 1973-1976
    Concrete, steel, earth
    280 x 2,620 x 1,620 cm
    © 2022 Holt/Smithson Foundation and Dia Art Foundation / Licensed by ARS, New York, and JASPAR, Tokyo G3056

MAM Project 030 x MAM Digital: Yamauchi Shota

Download Service Period : 11/30/2022~3/26/2023

  • 2022
    Interactive mixed media installation
    System engineers: Sone Koki, Hayakawa Shoto
    3D modeling: Kato Daisuke
    Sound: Komatsu Kazumichi

Mori Art Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition Schedule for FY2023

Download Service Period : 10/31/2022~3/31/2024

  • Installation view: Haegue Yang: The Cone of Concern, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD), Manila, 2020
    Photo: At Maculangan
    * Referential image

  • 2018
    Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, steel, stainless, transformer, LED type “Time Hundred” (Red) 100 plates
    251.7 x 251.7 x 15 cm
    Collection: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
    Courtesy: Lisson Gallery
    Photo: Omote Nobutada

  • 2003
    60 x 150 cm
    Collection: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

  • 1982
    Courtesy: Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York
    Photo: John McGrail

Mori Art Museum FY2022 Exhibition Schedule

Download Service Period : 12/27/2021~6/4/2023

  • 2010
    Photo: Iwan Baan

  • 2023 (expected)

Facility Images

Download Service Period : 2/2/2016~2/1/2030

  • Photo courtesy: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

  • Photo courtesy: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

  • Photo courtesy: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

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